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Sunnyvale Community Players        


Sunnyvale Community Players are a nonprofit theatre company.  They produce 4-5 shows every season that have specific cast requirements. The have productions for casts of Junior (8- 18 years old), Young Adult (13-26 years old), and Adult ( 18 years old and older).

I saw their first show of the season, Pippin.  The cast was obviously having a lot of fun and really putting their energy into the show. This made the audience glued in, which was great because there was a few numbers that asked for audience participation. The production used the alternate ending, which Stephen Shwartz, the lyricist and composer, prefers. It made the production very powerful. This was the first time I saw a Sunnyvale Community Players production and it made me look forward to attending another one.

Zombie Prom will be performed November 1- November 24, 2013. Think Grease, but with zombies! It isn’t scary at all and tries to keep that fun, retro energy throughout the whole show.  Tickets are $24 for Adults, $21 for students and seniors, and $11 for children 5 years old and younger.  Thursday productions are $21. There is a $3 service fee for each ticket.  If you buy tickets before October 27, use the code FERMI to get 25% off.

A Little Princess is a Junior production that runs from February 21- March 16, 2014. Auditions are December 2 & 3, 2013. More information is available in this audition packet, .

Little Shop of Horrors will run from April 4- April 27, 2014. Auditions are December 16 & 17, 2013. More information is available in this audition packet, .


Sunnyvale Community Center hosts the Sunnyvale Community Players at 550 Remington Drive, Sunnyvale.  It is a cozy theatre that could have no “bad seats.” If you have never been there before I would recommend going early to find which building to park next to because it is a sprawling recreational complex. I hope you are able to attend Sunnyvale Community Player’s productions in the future!

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Why Should I Put My Palo Alto Home On The Market In The Fall?

October 4, 2012

Fall is officially here. You can tell, not because the calendar says September 21 has come and gone, not because there are a few maple trees with leaves starting to turn, not because football season is in full bloom, but because getting to Half Moon Bay is a bear, especially on the one hot day of the year since June. I just wanted to take my labradoodle Demi to the harbor in Half Moon Bay for a good swim and some quality ball catching time. Here she is in her beach robe after a hard swim.

Dog Beach at Half Moon Bay

The way you know it is really Fall is that everyone in the bay area is trying to get to Half Moon Bay to pick pumpkins for Halloween and it is not even the week-end of the Pumpkin festival.

But back to business. One of the most common questions I am asked: is it a good idea to put MY PALO ALTO home on the market in the fall since school has started and the Holidays are upon us? My answer most years is yes, but this year it YES YES YES!!!!!!

As a very long time Palo Alto realtor I can tell you that these things are true:

Right now the inventory is still at historic lows, and will likely get lower in November and December

There are hundreds of buyers out there looking

Interest rates are at historic low levels

The stock market is doing well which is where the down payment and sometimes purchase money is coming from

The European Financial Crisis seems to be under control at this moment

We are not imminently about to go to another war

Many out of town buyers are in the area during the holiday season.

Will you get more for your home if you wait till next spring? Maybe, but maybe not. Will you sell your Palo Alto home easily and for a good price right now. Yes.

Will taxes on the profit be higher after Jan 1 than they are right now? Probably

Should you gamble and maybe get more next spring or maybe not? Your choice.

So if you want or need to sell now do not let the fall dissuade you from doing anything but trying to get to the beach when everyone else is trying to get their pumpkin.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home in Palo Alto please feel free to contact me.


Palo Alto Ca is a great place for runners, and dogs


Palo Alto dogs

So I left my Midtown Palo Alto home this morning with my Labradoodle Demi for our morning run. We ran by El Carmelo Elementary where she was admired by parents and children, then stopped to give her friend Luna, a wild yellow lab, a big kiss and a treat. Down Bryant to Demi's niece Mowgli's house. Of course we had to stop to say hi to Mowgli and get another treat. Across Oregon to the frontage road and we had stop to say hi to Teddy, a huge goldendoodle who loves our organic chicken treats from Pet Food Express in the Piazza's shopping center. From there we went to the corner of High and Oregon and the rat terrier on the roof barked his head off at Demi. Of course Demi had to stop and  try to stare the dog down. Through the park and underpass to California Ave, and then Demi had to stop and sniff. She was checking to see if it was a Farmer's Market day when she gets treats from the Avocado lady, Fontana Farms, the cucumber guys, the flower lady, and assorted kids and parents. I think the explosion of labradoodles in Palo Alto can be attributed in part to Demi's Ambassadorship for California Labradoodles in Woodside at the Farmers market every week. It was not Sunday so on to Peers Park, where she had to look for tennis balls for her BFF Kiely, a brilliant Border Collie. Demi will only play with the soft latex balls from Pet Food Express, but we did find a stray tennis ball from the courts at Peers Park for Kiely. Next we ran to Stanford and stopped to chase squirrels in a Eucalyptus grove. We turned around, followed the same path back, treat with Teddy, no Mowgli, Luna was out again and ready for another treat, then home.

I think I am beginning to figure out why I am not getting any faster.

So if you have any questions about running, dogs, or living in Palo Alto please feel free to contact me.

Marcy Moyer


Why I Love Living in Palo Alto

I love being a Palo Alto real estate agent, but I particularly love living in Palo Alto. There are many reasons why, but here are a few that come to mind today:

1. In 30-40 minutes I can get to the beach and watch my dog swim and catch balls endlessly

2. Every Fourth of July there is a Chili cook-off

My dog at Half Moon Bay

3. Sunday morning California Avenue Farmer's Market

4. Running to Stanford in the mornings so Demi can chase squirrels

5. Nice neighbors from all over the world

6. Panda Express and Rice 

7. The Dish

8. Trader Joes and Piazza's Grocery Stores

9. Hoover Park in the early mornings

10. Fabulous weather. 

Sure there are great schools, high tech companies, great medical facilities, etc.  but it is also the little things that make the quality of life here so wonderful.

So if you have any questions about living in Palo Alto, feel free to contact me.

Marcy Moyer